Weight Loss

Hamstrings’ Weight Loss Treatment

Hamstrings is one of ┬áKerala’s leading network of slimming centre that employs professional nutritionists and registered practitioners to monitor all customers’ slimming progress seriously and closely. Besides this, slimming consultants attend strict training courses and possess professional qualifications.

We help women in need to achieve ideal body shapes and there have been lots of successful cases. Our Centres continue to introduce the most updated and advanced technology and equipment for providing the best slimming services to our customers. We also equip our slimming consultants with the most updated training courses for them to obtain new and timely market knowledge.

Professional Consultation Service

Our Slimming Consultants will conduct a one-to-one consultant session, and will take into account factors such as the person’s weight loss target and unique problem areas.

Individually Tailored Slimming Programmes

Focusing on customers’ slimming targets, our professional slimming consultants select the most appropriate slimming course to achieve their client’s slimming needs. Hamstrings uses various advanced slimming equipments together with unique dietary and fitness regimes to achieve the best and long lasting slimming results.

Personal Supervision At Every Step Of The Way

Hamstrings professional consultants closely monitor every customer’s slimming progress to ensure that clients are able to achieve their desired slimming results.

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