Spot Reduction

Hamstrings’ Spot Reduction

Spot reduction is a process of reducing excess fat from a specific region of the body without loss of fat from other areas of the body.

Hamstrings’ Advanced Spot Reduction methods are optimized to produce satisfactory results in shortest period of time.

The state of the art equipments at Hamstrings helps to reduce the excess fat in thighs, abdomen, arms without the loss of fat in other areas.


This treatment focuses on fat & volume reduction in specific body parts. It also forms up sagging skin by strengthening connective tissues.

Target Areas:

Body parts susceptible to fatty deposits-tummy, waist, arms, thighs.

Suggested for:

People with disproportionate heavy fat deposits in some parts of the body.

The New You:

Slimmer & Shapelier Figure without the unwanted fat deposits.

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